The Italian Aerospace Information Web
by Aeromedia - corso Giambone 46/18 - 10135 Torino (Italy)


The Aeromedia cultural association was stablished in 1993 to explore the new creative opportunities offered by the information technology to the various aspects of the aerospace communication.

Aeromedia was given, for a period, the task of producing a series of brochures and manuals for the Federazione Italiana Volo Libero (Italian Free Flight Federation), with responsibility for all production phases from concept development to text, graphics and images implementation. Aeromedia also supplied photographic material for Volo Libero (Free Flight), the Federation’s monthly magazine.

In the same period, Aeromedia began its collaboration with Gruppo Amici Velivoli Storici in photo and video coverages, editing of exhibit placards and production of posters, stickers and postcards. In May 1995 Aeromedia, with the support of Centro Studi Baskerville in Bologna, established an area entirely devoted to the activities of GAVS, on Baskerville’s BBS/Flynet. Some months later, the GAVS web site was also created.

In September 1995, thanks to Centro Studi Baskerville, Aeromedia entered directly the Internet world, with the initial development, in a non-profit environment, of the first Italian aerospace information web-site. From its outset, the Aeromedia web-site was conceived as a bi-lingual e-zine, illustrated with original pictures from the Aeromedia photographic archive, one of the largest in Italy.

The following year, on behalf of the Politecnico di Torino, Aeromedia took care of the on-line coverage for the “Missions to the Outer Solar System and Beyond” symposium organized by the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) and for the annual SETI - Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence meeting. The same activity was succesfully performed two years later.

In 1999, the Aeromedia web introduced a new page devoted to the Italian Civil Air Register news. In the following months, two more features improved the site coverage. Directly from Aeromedia home-page it is now possible to enter the Italian Aerospace Directory, containing full address listing, and the Press Releases area, with a selection of information and pictures coming from various organizations worldwide.

Fifteen years after its inception, the on-line aviation community, both in Italy and abroad, find on the Aeromedia web (formed by more than 8000 files) many other interesting features such as a selection of the Italian aerospace news, the calendar of the main international aviation and space events and, in the Aeromedia photo gallery, more than 2500 quality aircraft pictures.

Turin, January 2010