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A Very Special Air Show at Boglietto Airfield

In the skies of the scenic Monferrato hills (Italy), on October 8, 2006, the third edition of “Disabili Volando Insieme” air show was held. This peculiar aviation event, organized at the Costigliole d’Asti (Boglietto) airfield not far from Turin, is fully devoted to provide an aviation experience to handicapped people and to raise funds for various Charity Organizations. The sunny day attracted a large public and favoured the success of the show, offering the emotion of the first flight to more than 150 people.
To perform the compelling task, the members of the Boglietto “campo volo” used a number of their light sport aircraft, ultralights and flexwing microlights, supported by other aircraft coming from nearby airfields, including an hot-air balloon and an airship operated by Balloon Promotion. An outstanding aerobatic exhibition was also performed by Paolo Zoppi with his CAP 10B.
A selection of the aircraft present at Boglietto on October 8, 2006: AeroAndina MXP-800 I-7925 “Beltrutto Airlines”; Alpi Aviation Pioneer 200 I-7104 and I-7046 “Magilla 2”; Asso Aerei Asso III I-4761 (ULM Club l’Airone); BRM Palanca I-8278 “Land Africa” ed I-7976 “Land Africa”; Flight Design CT SW T7-MOK; Fly Synthesis Storch I-5200; Fly Synthesis Texan Top Class I-7231 and I-7603; Flylab Tucano I-2993; Gefa-Flug AS 105 GD hot-air airship I-NORG operated by Balloon Promotion; ICP Savannah I-6548, I-5827, I-7634 “Pino”, I-7995, I-7350; ICP Bingo! 503 I-6875 “Frui”; ICP Vimana I-8439; Kappa 77 KP 2U Sova I-7147; Mudry CAP 10B I-GNFE; Slepcev Stork Mk4 I-5980; Tecnam P.92 Echo I-3959; Tecnam P.92-S Echo I-4344 and I-6299; Tecnam P.96 Golf 100 I-6728; Ultramagic S-90 balloon I-LEGS; I-7189 two-seat trike.
The Boglietto airfield – code IATBOG – was established in the early ‘Eighties and today hosts more than 30 ultralight aircraft. It is located South-East of Costigliole d’Asti (44°45’29” N - 8°11’14” E), and has a 10/28 grass runway 600 m (1,968 ft) long.

In the picture: An image of Boglietto airfield (Italy), during the October 8, 2006, air event. (Aeromedia)

(Aeromedia, October 2006)