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First Production C-27J Nears First Flight

On January 23, first Lockheed Martin/Alenia C-27J production aircraft was towed from Caselle North Alenia plants to Caselle South Flight Test Center, for final fitting out and successive flight test activity which will last about eight months and a total of less than 200 flight-hours.
The aircraft was obtained by using fuselage number 4115 and it is in full production standard and FTI (Flight Test Instrumentation) equipment.
The LMATTS (Lockheed Martin Alenia Tactical Transport System) programme had a first significant achievement, on September 23 1999, when flight test begun for the G 222 used for the integration of the Allison AE2100D3 engine.

In the picture: First production Lockheed Martin/Alenia C-27J on its way to Alenia Flight Test Center, Caselle South (Turin).

(Aeromedia, February 2000)