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New Special Colours for Italian Airliners

Alitalia recently painted one of its McDonnell Douglas MD 82 with the colours and logo of US' fast food company McDonald's. The Italian airline is already exploiting this co-sponsorization form with a couple of special colours Boeing B.747-243Bs respectively promoting Bulgari jeweler and Baci Perugina chocolates.
Another Italian airline, Air Europe, has recently entered the special colours field, although in a less conspicuous way. An Air Europe Airbus A 320 is promoting the Swissair-centered Qualiflyer Group, the alliance in which Air Europe is a part too.
Some weeks ago, SAir Group, the parent holding of Swissair, took also a stake in a second Italian airline, Volare Airlines. The North-eastern Italy operator has recently added scheduled passenger flights to its traditional charter activity.
Now there is a real possibility that Air Europe and Volare Airlines will proceed to some form of operational integration, if not a complete merger due the complementary market and short-range fleet inter-operability.

In the pictures: McDonnell Douglas MD-82 I-DAVZ belonging to Alitalia in McDonald's livery; Alitalia Boeing B.747-243B I-DEMF advertising for Baci Perugina and Alitalia B.747-243B I-DEMS co-sponsorized by Bulgari; Airbus A 320-214 of Air Europe with a colour scheme promoting the Qualiflyer Group. (photo by Aeromedia)

(Aeromedia, May 2000)