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Fiat 7005 Helicopter Revealed

Probably for the first time, we are able to show the previously unknown features of helicopter Fiat 7005. In fact it is a pictorial anticipation of a quite peculiar aircraft with a streamlined car-looking aspect.
Well shaped from the aerodynamic point of view, Fiat 7005 has diminutive fairings for the retractable landing gears, blended with the fuselage. In the rear cabin, moreover large windows and transparent roof, the two well-spaced passengers enjoy an unobstructed view of the control panel, the column being accordingly installed beside the pilot.
It is difficult to exactly detect the propulsion system architecture. A possible configuration with two engines (piston or turboshaft) may power respectively the pushing (variable pitch?) propeller and the three-blade main rotor. A second hypothesis could be a single engine for the pushing propeller and a free-turning main rotor, like in the autogyros of old-fashioned memory.
Looking at the dimensions of the (visible) air intakes, the still-to-be-disclosed power system should have a surprisingly reduced cooling need.
In addition to the outstanding (in any case) engine installation, a note of astonishment takes the observer when the tail unit goes under scrutiny. A box-like structure with a number of asymmetric fins and rudders is present, being a dramatic departure from more conventional anti-torque solutions.
The picture is completed, in the afterground, by the skyline of the Alps and, in the foreground, by the huge Fiat-Mirafiori plants in Turin.
Till now, the only available information about the Fiat autonomous activity in the rotary-wing field was limited to scrap-notes about a Fiat 7002 model. In the early sixties, this rounded crate-like aircraft tested, with modest overall results, an extremely unconventional propulsion system. The two-blade main rotor was driven by cold jets, compressed air being supplied by a Fiat manufactured turbo-generator. Nobody remembers how the tail rotor was put into motion.
At the time, the aviation world was (moderately) intrigued by the fact that, for its first helicopter, Fiat jumped to project number 7002! We still ignore why Fiat 7001 missed the record indeed?
As the undeserved dust of time has faded away the Fiat 7005 at last, it's evident now that, four decades ago, the famous Turin car manufactures considered a certain number of original helicopter projects.
In the higher interest of a complete interpretation of the aviation history, we sincerely hope more information will be soon available about the entire Fiat helicopter dynasty. The mysterious Fiat 7001, the Fiat 7003-7004 inevitable aftermath duo and, possibly, Fiat 7006 and successive models still wait their deserved resurrection from the archives.

The original pictorial anticipation of the Fiat 7005 project was probably painted early in the sixties.

(Aeromedia, October 2000)