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Flying Firemen Celebrate Flight Safety Day in Turin

On October 22, 2009, the 9th Flight Safety Day took place in Turin, organized by the "Componente Aerea del Corpo Nazionale dei Vigili del Fuoco" (Air Component of the National Fire Brigade). In Italian, the abbreviation of Fire Brigade is “VVF”.
The VVF Headquarters in Turin hosts the seat of the "Reparto Volo Vigili del Fuoco Piemonte". This rotary wing unit was formed in 1985 as the "Nucleo Elicotteri dei Vigili del Fuoco del Piemonte". In 1988, flight operations were moved to a new and more convenient facility along the fence of the Turin/Caselle airport.
Initially, the "Nucleo" was equipped with just one Agusta/Bell AB 206B helicopter. As of 1990, a number of refurbished, ex Italian Navy, Agusta/Bell AB 204 helicopters were added. In 2004, these obsolete aircraft were replaced by newer, more powerful and IFR-certified AB 412EP twin-turboshaft helicopters. At present, the flight line consists of two AB 412EP's (codes VF-72 and VF-66) and two Agusta/Bell AB 206B Jet Ranger III's (VF-19 and VF-27). The unit's personnel includes ten pilots - trained at the Frosinone-based Air Force school - and twelve line-maintenance technicians.
In 2008, the “Reparto” recorded 800 flight-hours, some 40% of which were devoted to training. This volume of activity is comparable with those of previous years. During the same 12-month period, some 400 operational sorties were flown, including missions on behalf of the CNR (National Research Committee), the State Forestry Corps, the Civil Defence, the Piedmont Regional Government, and various SAR missions to locate lost aircraft. The Turin-based VVF unit also carries out joint training exercises with the "Nucleo Cinofilo Vigili del Fuoco" (Fire Brigade Rescue-Dog Group) based in nearby Volpiano. This highly respected VVF organization also acts as an (un-official) National Rescue-Dog Training Centre.
For the occasion of the 9th Flight Safety Day, a Jet Ranger III of "Reparto Volo Vigili del Fuoco Piemonte" ( was decorated with a large Italian Fire Brigade coat of arms, designed by artist Mauro Cini.

In the picture: Agusta/Bell AB 206B Jet Ranger III VF-19, operated by “Reparto Volo Vigili del Fuoco Piemonte”, with the special decoration for the 9th Flight Safety Day organized by the "Componente Aerea del Corpo Nazionale dei Vigili del Fuoco" (Air Component of the National Fire Brigade). (Turin/Caselle airport, October, 2009). (Aeromedia)

(Aeromedia, October 2009)