<HTML> <TITLE>Archivio Fotografico Aeromedia</TITLE> <BODY BGCOLOR="#A0ca91" TEXT="#000000" LINK="#000096" VLINK="#003cff" ALINK="#FF00FF"> <CENTER><IMG ALT=AEROMEDIA lenght=170 height=42 SRC="amedsml2.gif"><BR> <FONT SIZE=6><B>The Italian Aerospace Information Web</B></FONT><BR> <FONT SIZE=3>by <B>Aeromedia</B> - corso Giambone 46/18 - 10135 Torino (Italy)<P><TABLE BORDER CELLSPACING=4 CELLPADDING=4 WIDTH=80%> <TR><TD><CENTER><FONT COLOR="#FF0000"><FONT SIZE=5><B><FONT FACE=ARIAL,HELVETICA> LE FOTOGRAFIE / <I>IMAGES</I></FONT></B></CENTER></TD> </TR></TABLE><P></FONT></CENTER> <BODY><FONT SIZE=3><CENTER><TABLE CELLPADDING=10 CELLSPACING=3 BORDER=10><TR><TD> <IMG SRC="lb2666.jpg"> </TD></TR></TABLE></CENTER><P> <CENTER><B>Arospatiale (Sud Aviation) SA 318C Alouette II</B> F-GNLB (n/c 2163 del 1970) della X-Fly, con base all aviosuperficie di Busano (TO), in atterraggio all aviosuperficie di Castelnuovo Don Bosco (2010). (Aeromedia)<BR> <I><B>Arospatiale (Sud Aviation) SA 318C Alouette II</B> F-GNLB (c/n 2163 of 1970) of X-Fly, based at Busano airfield (Turin, Italy), lands at Castelnuovo Don Bosco airfield (Asti, Italy) in 2010. (Aeromedia)</I><P> <P><HR SIZE=3><CENTER><TABLE BORDER=2 CELLPADDING=5 CELLSPACING=4><TR><TD> <CENTER><A HREF = "foto.html">indice <I>index</I></A></CENTER></TD><TD> <CENTER><A HREF = "index.htm">home page</A></CENTER></TD><TD> <CENTER><A HREF = "amedgb.html"><I>home page (english)</I></A></CENTER></TD></TR> </TABLE></CENTER> <HR SIZE=3></FONT><P align=center> </P>