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Eurocopter BK 117 C-1 I-HDBX (n/c 7546 del 2003, ex D-HDBX [2]) dell’Helitalia di Firenze, in sosta all’aeroporto Torino/Aeritalia (LIMA) nell’ottobre 2005. L’Helitalia fu ceduta all’Inaer Helicopter Italia nel 2010, e questo elicottero fu venduto in Germania come D-HEEE [3]. (Aeromedia)
Eurocopter BK 117 C-1 I-HDBX (c/n 7546 of 2003, former D-HDBX [2]) of Florence-based Helitalia, parked at Turin/Aeritalia airport (LIMA) in October, 2005. Inaer Helicopter Italia took over Helitalia in 2010, and this helicopter was sold in Germany as D-HEEE [3]. (Aeromedia)

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