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  • First Military Application for Equals Software (December)
  • Vergiate Air Show 1997 (October)
  • Cameri Open Day '97 (July)
  • Comandante Vignoli Demise (June)
  • ATR 42 for the Italian Customs Police (June)
  • A Titan for Meridiana (June)
  • Positive 1996 Results for Air France (June)
  • Air Dolomiti is Growing (June)
  • Swiss McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet Debut (June)
  • Vintage Comte A.C.4 Back in the Air (June)
  • Future Military Air Transport in Italy (June)
  • Azzurra Air Takes Off (June)
  • Air One Starts International Services (June)
  • Austrian Airlines Takes Control of Lauda Air (June)
  • Aer Lingus Commuter to Italy (June)
  • Cameri: OPEN DAY '97 1ª Regione Aerea: il programma (June)
  • Gliding with Associazione Volovelistica Alpi Graie (June)
  • Minerva Airlines Expansion (May)
  • All Eurofighter 2000 Prototypes are Flying (April)
  • F-104 ASA-M Programme (April )
  • Piaggio Improves its P.180 and P.166 (April 1997)
  • Gray Starfighters (March)
  • Helicopters at Sestriere (March)
  • Air One Leases Noman (March)
  • Alpi Eagles is Growing (March)
  • Cathay Pacific with FANS (March)
  • The Autonomous Landing Guidance Program (March)
  • Alitalia Express to Operate Regional Services (March)
  • Turkish Phantom IIs upgraded in Israel (February)
  • US Air becomes US Airways (February)
  • Eurofly/Air Europe merger? (January)
  • Air 21 out of business (January)
  • Alitalia Team starts (January)
  • Marsh S2 Turbo Tracker (January)
  • Air One Winter Timetable (January)