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Aerospace Literature Award 2007

We are pleased to enclose, in Italian language only, the announcement of the 6th Aerospace Literature Award 2007. The competition is organized, as ever, by Associazione Arma Aeronautica - Centro Studi Militari Aeronautici "Giulio Douhet" (CESMA), in colaboration with the Italian Air Force. The first edition of this Award dates back to the 1980s, and is restricted to aviation books of various type, such as history, fiction and promotional editions, in Italian language and published after March 31, 2003.
The Aeromedia web-site (established in 1995, 5.500 text files, 2,300 images, bi-lingual and free access) also find it ironically humourous that the organizers, to promote a “paper-only” aerospace literature award, considered it useful to ask for collaboration from a virtual publication!

(From a press release by ATR Group, Colonnella, Teramo, Italy – April 10, 2007)

(Aeromedia, February 2007)