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Three Final Candidates for World Air Games 2009

Moscow (Russia), Odense (Denmark) and Turin (Italy) have been selected by the Executive Board of the FAI, The World Air Sports Federation, to come to Lausanne, Switzerland, on June 1st, 2007 to make final presentations in their quest to host the World Air Games 2009. These candidates have been succesffully evaluated by the FAI Executive Board for their submitted bid books and reports of on-site evaluation visits that took place during April.
London and Melbourne, included in the previous bidder list, have been deselected. No official reasons have been released for this decision, but it is possible to take a guess. May be the British Capital area has operational limitations due to the presence of four important international airports. The Melbourne bid has been probably affected by the remote geographical position of Australia, with relevant logistic costs for the major part of the participant teams.
The three candidates will travel to Lausanne to present their bids to the FAI Selection Committee, which is composed of 12 representatives from the FAI. The presentations will take place on June 1st, 2007 at the Olympic Museum from 12:00-14:00 and are open to the public.
Commenting on this decision, the President of the FAI, Mr. Pierre Portmann, said: "The evaluation of the bids thus far has been very positive. The candidates have all demonstrated that they have the infrastructure and motivation to host a successful World Air Games and so we are looking forward to three excellent presentations."
The Turinís Promoter Commitee is very pleased for the FAI decision. Support has been obtained by Piedmont Regional Administration, Turin Municipality, Turin and Cuneo Provinces, FIN Piemonte and other local Institutions. Aero Club of Italy, Aero Club Turin and the Piedmont Aerospace District are direct players in the Italian bid. There are also contacts with a number of potential sponsors to cover the organization costs.
The Games will take place from 7 to 13 June, 2009, and a series of sites have been selected by the Turinís Committee, in the area surrounding the city. The planned main location will be the Turin/Aeritalia airport, the high grounds close to Avigliana will be perfect as start point for hang gliding and paragliding races, and Mondovž, near Cuneo, is well located as a take-off place for balloons.
The World Air Games is the biggest gathering of air sports in the world and brings together the World Champions and top competitors in ten different air sport disciplines. The event showcases a week of tremendous competition and fills the sky with excitement and thrills for the public. Alongside the competition are plenty of opportunities for air shows, on-site demonstrations, and interactive activities for spectators.

In the picture: Robin DR 400/180R Remorqueur I-ITBF of Aero Club Turin, used as a glider tug. (Aeromedia)

(Aeromedia, May 2007)