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  • New EC 135 version developed by Eurocopter Canada (September)
  • First Ecureuil for the Red Jackets (September)
  • Swiss World Airways Starts Geneva-New York Flight (September)
  • Last Eurocopter Canada BÖ 105LS's for DEA (September)
  • Coupe Hélico in Switzerland (September)
  • Fuerza Aerea Venezolanas Selects Brazilian and Italian Aircraft (July)
  • Koala Certification Before the End of 1998 (July)
  • Missions to the Outer Solar System and Beyond - IAA symposium (July)
  • The decline of commercial tri-jets (July)
  • Bex is back! (July)
  • Long-range Eurofly (June)
  • Vulcan Air (June)
  • Med Airlines Receives its First ATR 42 (June)
  • Air Sicilia Goes Jet (June)
  • Fiat G.55 Centauro on Display (June)
  • "Giornata dell'Ala" Report (June)
  • Lufthansa in Italy - 40 years - AN AEROMEDIA MINI WEB (May)
  • The Badge of the IAF's 75th Anniversary (May)
  • Ultrafast Home-built (April)
  • Italian Air Force General Open Day 1998 (April)
  • A Preview of the Coming IAF Air Show at Pratica di Mare (March)
  • "Flying into the Sunrise" (March)
  • SOREM to operate the Italian Canadair fire-fighters (February)
  • Fifteen years for the Brasilia (January)