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  • Helicopters and Stations of the Italian National Fire Corps (November)
  • US astronaut J. Hoffman conference in Turin (October)
  • TAT Bought by British Airways (October)
  • Lufthansa to Sell its Boeing 737-400s (October)
  • New 747 Freighters in Italy (October)
  • Aeromedia Webs on Display at an Informatic Show (October)
  • In Turin the IAA Symposium every two years? (October)
  • Virgin Express Starts Activity and Expands Former EBA Network in Italy (September)
  • Minerva Airlines: the New Italian Regional Airline (September)
  • Ambri Air Show 1996 (September)
  • Ali su Aviano 1996 - AN AEROMEDIA MINI WEB (August)
  • The Thunderbirds in Italy (August)
  • More ATR 72 for Avianova? (April - updated August)
  • Air One Summer Programme (March - updated August)
  • Ae. C. Reggio Emilia - Tricolore '96 air show - AN AEROMEDIA MINI WEB (July)
  • New Haiti Airline (June)
  • 70th Anniversary of Commercial Air Transport in Italy (June)
  • Sabena Flying Together with Swissair (June)
  • Missions to the Outer Solar System and Beyond - IAA symposium (June)
  • Turin Flying Club Air Show - 2 June 1996 (May)
  • European Intergovernmental Conference in Turin - AN AEROMEDIA MINI WEB (April)
  • New version of the "Fox" sailplane in Italy - AN AEROMEDIA MINI WEB (April)
  • Regional Airlines Expands its Activity in Italy (April)
  • Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence Meeting (April)
  • Noman Starts Rome-Milan Scheduled Air Services (April)
  • Fire Corps AB 412 at Turin (March)
  • New "Valentino Farm" Airstrip at Envie (Cn) (March)
  • Visits to the Politecnico di Torino Museum (March)
  • 22nd European Rotorcraft Forum and 13th European Helicopter Association Symposium (March)
  • New Entry at the Cameri Italian Air Force Base (March)
  • Welcome Back Pan Am! (March)
  • ILA '96 The German Aerospace Show (March)
  • Cimber Air Orders Three ATR 42-500 (March)
  • Third Turin-Paris Daily Flight by Avianova (February)
  • Twentyfive Years Since the First ASA Bulletin (February)
  • The Forlì Aviation Show is Back (February)
  • The 1995 "Sales Trophy" for Gliders to Giancarlo Grinza (January)